Lifelong learning

Learning is a lifelong activity​​.​

As adults, there are many different pathways to follow to build knowledge and skills, share knowledge and experiences, and be part of communities.

Many adults with cerebral palsy say that they want more opportunities to participate in inclusive learning, to find vocations and employment that support the development of new skills, give back to their community, and feel inspired by possibilities. Understanding individual learning goals, aspirations, abilities and needs is an important factor in sourcing learning opportunities, and empowering adults with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities to pursue their lifelong learning dreams.

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How we can help

What we help with
  • Assistive technology for learning, communication and access to curriculum
  • Interventions to support social skills and relationship building with peers and others
  • Provide information and education sessions about cerebral palsy and inclusion
  • Support education providers to understand and accommodate individual learning needs
  • Supporting engagement with lifelong learning and vocational options at all stages of life
Who can help

At CPA our trained and dedicated staff are experts in supporting adults and their families with learning, education and inclusion.

You can work with our:  

  • Assistive technology experts 
  • Occupational therapists  
  • Physiotherapists  
  • Speech pathologists  
How we can help

We offer a blended model of services to meet the individual needs of adults and their families. 

Services can be arranged: 

  • At your local centre; 
  • In your home; 
  • In your local community 
  • Or via Telepractice 

A small group session may be recommended. Groups can be attended in person or via Telepractice.

Funding supports

If you have a funding package from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we can work with you to maximise the benefits.

You can purchase supports using your:

  • Capacity Building budget 
    • Improved Daily Living (15)
    • Improved learning (13)
  • Capital Supports budget  
    • Assistive Technology (5) 

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