Lifestyles programs

Our Lifestyles service empowers people to co-design their program based on their own goals

Support tailored to you

Our Lifestyles services provide opportunities and empowers young people and adults to co-design their own program, develop social skills, learn new life skills, achieve their goals, and find a vocation or employment.  Contact us today to find out about Lifestyles services including youth programs, centre based day programs, and home and community programs. Available in locations across Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

Lifestyles youth programs

Lifestyles youth programs support people with cerebral palsy between the ages of 13-28 to achieve their goals. They will learn real life skills, employability skills and social skills.  

Programs and coaching are delivered by youth coaches and coordinators who are experienced in working with young people to support them to reach goals they thought weren’t possible. Programs include:

  • Masterclass – intensive skill building program tailored to your goals
  • Youth coaching one to one coaching
  • Social programs small group activities to develop and practice social skills
  • Capacity building – life skills, social skills and employability skills
  • After school services – offered in our centres
  • SLES (School Leaver Employment Supports) programs focused on building employability skills, social understanding and personal safety.

Lifestyles centre-based programs

Centre based programs are co-designed with people with cerebral palsy from 13 years old, tailored to their individual goals. Programs are available in Allambie Heights, St Ives, Prairiewood and Liverpool, NSW.

Outcomes through our Lifestyle Centre Based Programs include writing and performing theatre, volunteering roles at local businesses, writing and book publishing, speaker roles and advocacy work in schools and at councils, exhibiting artwork, and creating business and enterprises.

Lifestyles home and community programs

The program is co-designed with each individual, tailored to meet their goals and needs. Services are available from Monday to Sunday including public holidays, in addition to flexible respite.

Clients receive support in a place and way that works for them. The program allows our clients to learn and explore their individuality, build skills and confidence, and make their own choices. 

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Support tailored to you

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