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Has your child been newly diagnosed with cerebral palsy? Do you want to be more independent, and explore home and living options either in long term accommodation or customised services within your own home?

Our approaches and guides can be used to support your conversations with funding agencies, support coordinators, service providers, and therapists. They will help make sure you get the right intervention at the right time.  

Most of these approaches are supported by our world-leading research and by neuroscience (which deals with the brain and how the nervous system develops). Importantly, each approach or program can be tailored to individual and family needs. 

To find out more about the services and programs for each stage, view our cerebral palsy treatment guides.

Select the support for your age group

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0-2 years

Babies & young children

Getting the right diagnosis early means starting the right support early.
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3-6 years


Learning, behaviour, communication and social skills are vital in preparing for school.

7-12 years

School age

Involvement in social, exercise and recreational activities develops a range of skills.
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13-17 years

Teens & youth

Building confidence and growing independence in your teen.
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18-30 years

Young adults

Building independence and exploring what you want to do in your life.
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31-65 years


Continuing your job or other interests and setting healthy lifestyle habits.
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65+ years

Older adults

Staying healthy, independent and connected as you retire.

Cerebral palsy treatment guides

Find out more about the services and programs for each life stage backed up by the latest research evidence from Cerebral Palsy Research Institute.

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