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We offer a range of services to support people with cerebral palsy and their families, including therapy and intervention, assistive technology, supported employment, education, and recreation programs
Cerebral Palsy Alliance is a ground-breaking, global centre of expertise for cerebral palsy research, advocacy, intervention and assistive technology innovation.

Our research and innovation inform our world-class services, which include early childhood intervention, therapy, health and wellbeing, sports, assistive technology, independence skill building, short- and long-term support accommodation and supported employment services.

At Cerebral Palsy Alliance we believe that every person with a disability is the expert on their own life, and we work collaboratively to develop tailored plans that address immediate needs and long-term goals. This model of care is central to how we develop and deliver our services.

We will support our clients to navigate the NDIS and optimise their plans, reducing the time and stress of managing numerous providers.

Our Services

Services for clients with cerebral palsy and similar conditions include:

  • Physical ability – movement and mobility, supporting goals around spasticity management, maintaining/ improving muscular skeletal health and improving fitness
  • Positive behaviour support – including new ways to communicate to reduce challenging behaviour
  • Independence – including choice, school and work transition, developing relationships and socialising, recreation, travel training, and supported accommodation
  • Communication – including communication skills using speech and communication aids, improving speech intelligibility, literacy, and comprehension
  • Dysphagia and mealtime management – including promoting safe and enjoyable mealtimes and saliva management
  • Self-care – including activities of daily living such as dressing, food preparation and personal care
  • Assistive technology – including mobility, seating and positioning equipment, switch access, environmental control and speech generating devices.

We know that your patient’s well-being is central to your practice, so you will receive regular updates about your patient’s progress.

How to refer

If you would like to refer a patient or discuss options with an allied health or lifestyle professional, please complete the online form below, or contact us:

Early Childhood intervention

The first five years of your child’s life are critical in laying the foundations for learning and development.

Therapy, health & wellbeing

A range of therapies, gym and sports programs can be provided individually, in a group, or via intensive classes.

Supported independent living

We help build independence by supporting you in your own home or by providing purpose-built or modified homes.
We work with you to enjoy social or recreational activities, take on further study, or with assistance at home or in the neighbourhood.

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