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Packforce – Supported Employment

Our Supported Employment services aim to empower people with a disability to be included and feel more independent while still receiving the support they need in the workplace.
Our Employment Development Officers will work with you to establish your personal work-related goals and provide you with training to help you achieve those goals. Whether it’s doing a new job, using the weighing machines, using a pallet jack, getting your forklift license or developing the right skills to potentially move into mainstream employment, we’ll work with you to help you get there. 

The benefits of working at Packforce

  • Purposeful employment 
  • A safe and caring work environment 
  • A wage paid under the Supported Employment Services Award MA000103 
  • Setting of employment and skills building goals 
  • Training to develop employment and life skills 
  • Work variety 
  • Socialising with colleagues 
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Who is eligible for employment?

Our supported employees:

What supports do we provide?

Packforce is a caring and supportive environment that caters to employees’ personal needs: 

  • Medication and personal care 
  • Mealtime preparation and assistance 
  • On the job support 
  • NDIS funding support and assistance
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If you’d like to discuss opportunities for working at Packforce, please contact our dedicated Employment Development Officers: 
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Simon Power

Employment Development Officer

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Vanessa Brock

Employment Development Officer

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June Naidoo

Employment Development Officer

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Paul Said

Employment Development Officer

Looking for Packing Services?

Choose Packforce and make a positive social impact by supporting employment opportunities for people with a disability.  

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