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Research at CPA

Accelerating breakthroughs in prevention, interventions and cures for cerebral palsy

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute was established in 2005.

Our vision is to enable the world’s best cerebral palsy experts to find ways to prevent and treat cerebral palsy, a condition affecting more than 17 million people worldwide.

Since being established, we’ve committed over $67 million in funding towards hundreds of ground-breaking cerebral palsy research projects through the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation. Today, we are the world’s largest private funder of cerebral palsy research.

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A life changing movement

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Our four research programs

Our research priorities, informed by people with cerebral palsy and their families, are;

Early Detection & Intervention

Detecting, diagnosing, and intervening early to make a lifetime of difference for children with cerebral palsy and their families.


Unearthing trends, prevalence and causes of cerebral palsy.


Pioneering innovations to support inclusion for people with disabilities.

Regenerative Medicine

Leading the way in stem cell clinical trials for cerebral palsy and exploring the frontier of new therapies.

Our history of breakthroughs stretches back almost twenty years.
Today, we are the world's largest research institute dedicated to cerebral palsy.


of the world's top ten cerebral palsy experts work at our Research Institute


The rate cerebral palsy has fallen in a generation - in part due to pioneering CPA research


academic papers and journal articles have been published by our researchers since 2020

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