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Great minds think differently

We believe magic happens when great minds think differently
From a small, hopeful group of families in suburban Sydney over 75 years ago, Cerebral Palsy Alliance has grown into a global leader in cerebral palsy research, innovation, advocacy and clinical and wellbeing interventions.

Our scale of capability makes us unique in the world. It enables us to harness a broad range of expertise to think differently about how to create more opportunity for people with cerebral palsy and their families. 

We believe one person can have an idea, but it takes different skills and the knowledge of many people to make that idea become real. Our community of clients, donors, technology entrepreneurs, employees, advocates and researchers each brings unique skills to our alliance of great minds.

We come together to discover and deliver life changing solutions. That is the heart of our brand.

We believe magic happens when great minds think differently.

Join the movement - our new TV ad

Our new TV ad showcases our alliance of great minds. We focus on the ordinary movements that are truly extraordinary and the possibilities we create when we all move together. Together, we push the boundaries of what’s possible in research, advocacy, intervention and assistive technology.
A life changing movement.

Meet some of our great minds

13 year old Arran has big plans and a big voice.
Jibreel is mum’s little miracle, thanks to early diagnosis and intervention.
Mark Tracy is a neonatologist who saves babies’ lives.
Lia hits aces on and off the court.
Grace is a House Manager who makes a positive impact.
Claire is a physio who empowers clients to push beyond expectations.

Meet Lauren – an outside the box thinker and exercise physiologist

CPA researcher Cathy Morgan

Meet Cathy – researcher harnessing neuroplasticity for early learning

Meet Georgia - she shines bright on centre stage

Our executives talk about what makes CPA so unique

Learn more about what CPA offers

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Services & support

Providing services and strategies for every stage of life.
Two year old Jibreel standing against a blue background holding a skipping rope illustration


Finding ways to prevent, treat, and cure cerebral palsy.
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Technology & innovation

Developing technologies to improve how you live.
Lia sitting in her wheelchair holding a tennis racket


Becoming a champion for changes that matter.