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We offer a comprehensive range of neurological and physical supports – tailored to you – to help you achieve your goals.  These supports include clinical management and therapy, and lifestyle, social and health programs. We can also help with comprehensive assistive technology, home modifications, supported employment, supported accommodation and day programs designed to help you build your skills base. If you’d like some assistance contact us on 1300888378.


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Our group programs range from clinical intensive therapy, to social and life stage transition skills, to community, health and wellbeing groups. To improve skills, stay well and meet new friends search our group programs now.

If you’d like some assistance contact a Client Consultant on 1300 888 378.

Early Childhood Intervention

The first five years of your child’s life are critical in laying the foundations for learning and development. Our early intervention program makes the most of this critical period, helping young children to reach their full potential.

Youth Services

Our experienced youth team is here to support you through every step of your journey. They are experts at creating opportunities for you to meet new people, build new skills and most importantly to grow independence. These guys love helping young people to find and reach their dreams.

NDIS ECEI Partners

As the NDIS Partner in the community delivering ECEI services for Northern Sydney, Cerebral Palsy Alliance will work with you and your child to understand your needs.

You and your child may require some initial support to participate in the activities and community settings that you choose.

We will work with you and the service providers to ensure your child meets their goals.