Psycholgogist Joan Bratel on bullying

Psycholgogist Joan Bratel on bullying
Posted on Wed 22 Sep 2021

Joan Bratel, our expert Clinical Psychologist, shares some helpful information and resources for parents whose child may be experiencing bullying.

Bullying is any unwanted aggressive behaviour by one person against another person or group that involves an observed or perceived power imbalance, and is repeated multiple times, or is highly likely to be repeated. A young person can be a perpetrator, a victim, or both (also known as “bully/victim”).

Bullying may inflict harm or distress on the targeted youth including physical, psychological, social, or educational harm.

Common types of bullying include:

  • Physical such as hitting, kicking, and tripping

  • Verbal including name-calling and teasing

  • Relational/social such as spreading rumours and leaving out of the group

  • Damage to property of the victim

  • Cyberbullying through the use of social media, texts or email.

There are a number of helpful resources that you can go to for more information and advice about bullying or for online counselling and support. 

Kids Helpline – provides help and information for young people and young adults at different ages and life stages. There are also sections of the website that can be accessed by children and young people as well as online counselling services.

Reach out – has multiple resources for young people, parents/carers and also for teachers. There is also extensive information and ‘virtual lessons’ on the topic of social media, which is extremely relevant for young people today.

Dolly’s Dream – Is a charity set up with the goal to change cultures and behaviours to prevent bullying, by increasing understanding of the impact of bullying on mental health and wellbeing such as anxiety, depression, and youth suicide.

Bullying. No Way – an Australian website that explains some of the legislative information around bullying, as well as school reporting systems and classroom resources

The Bully Project – Is a social action campaign inspired by the movie ‘Bully’. This website also has some specific information regarding bullying of young people living with a disability. It can be found under the heading ‘Special needs toolkit’.

Pacer – is an American based company that has an extensive video library on cyber bullying which addresses the experiences of young people today.

Bullying – A UK based website offering a wide range of resources including specific information towards workplace bullying for young adults.

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