Research projects & priorities

At Cerebral Palsy Alliance, we aspire to inclusively co-design everything we do

This means working closely with people with lived experience of CP, parents, families and the wider community to ensure our research priorities are meaningful to them.  
In 2007, our researchers conducted a comprehensive survey with the CP community to shape the future direction of our research program. In 2018, this was added to and updated by feedback from CP Quest, a group of 80 people with cerebral palsy, who regularly provide insights to ensure our program of research is investigating what matters most.  
In 2020, the first Australian and New Zealand Cerebral Palsy Strategy was launched. Developed by people with cerebral palsy, their families, advocates, practitioners, allied health professionals and researchers, the strategy outlines goals for the field of cerebral palsy and contains a comprehensive breakdown of our priorities. 

Our research projects

  • Understanding emotions and cerebral palsy
  • ParticiPAte CP  
  • Protecting the newborn brain after oxygen deprivation using Epo 
  • REACH: Randomised trial of Rehabilitation very Early in Congenital Hemiplegia 
  • Identifying opportunities for prevention of CP in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children through the examination of sociodemographic and clinical profiles   
  • CP in triplets and quadruplets
  • An evaluation of PEERS for young adults: Optimising social competency in young adults with CP and developmental disability
  • The comprehensive CA-CP Study
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology and CP
  • International Survey of CP Registers

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