Government and policy

A crucial step in building a more inclusive and accessible society is influencing government and policymakers to make positive change. Policy submissions to government inquiries can be an important part of this.

We believe strongly in co-designed solutions that centre the lived experience of people with disability. Our policy positions and government submissions involve close consultation with the CP community and other important stakeholders.

Browse CPA’s most recent policy submissions below:


Committee on Community Services Prioritising early diagnosis and intervention

February 2024
CPA’s Early Diagnosis Clinics are a world-leading model for early detection and intervention of CP. We shared insights from this program, and our other early childhood expertise, with the Legislative Assembly Committee on Community Services’ inquiry into improving access to early childhood health and development checks.

Committee on Education
Blazing a trail for inclusive education

February 2024
CPActive’s ‘Blaze the Trail’ campaign, co-designed and led by young people with disabilities, aims to secure real policy change towards a truly inclusive society. Details of the campaign were shared with the NSW Legislative Council’s inquiry into children and young people with disability in education.

NDIS Review
Out-of-pocket costs of CP

August 2023
People with CP and their families face significant financial burdens due to disability-related costs, according to a survey of nearly 300 people. The CPA Research Institute findings were submitted to the landmark NDIS Review to indicate the ongoing out-of-pocket costs faced in particular by people with complex CP.

Disability Royal Commission
Vision for an inclusive Australia

December 2022
Pete Horsley, founder of CPA disability tech accelerator Remarkable, was invited to discuss technology’s role in enabling greater accessibility and inclusion as part of the Disability Royal Commission’s 31st public hearing, ‘Vision for an Inclusive Australia’.