Beyond the blender – Dysphagia made easy

Beyond the blender - Dysphagia made easy
Posted on Mon 16 Aug 2021

Introduction from Simone Howells and the Griffith Master of Speech Pathology staff and students 2014–2017

Gone are the days of boring blender made meals! You can now make delicious, fresh & easy meals that cater to your dietary needs. Living with swallowing difficulties (known as dysphagia) can be hard for the person with dysphagia and their family and friends – you might have run out of ideas of what to cook or miss sharing a meal together. With this cookbook, we hope you can enjoy some new meal ideas, which your family and friends will happily enjoy!

This cookbook has been divided into 3 easy to navigate categories : 1) food that is soft; 2) food that can be minced (or mashed) and is moist and; 3) foods that are pureed with no lumps. We have aimed to create a variet y of sweet and savoury options that you can enjoy for breakfast , lunch or dinner, all aligned with current Australian texture modification recommendations. So find the section that aligns with your diet recommendation and start cooking!

It ’s all about bringing the joy back into your mealtimes with easy to cook and easy to swallow recipes made from our kitchen to yours. We hope you enjoy creating these recipes as much as we enjoyed creating them for you!

Download the full recipe book here.

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