Understand your rights and how to get support

Understand your rights and how to get support
Posted on Tue 23 Mar 2021

Your rights are protected when you access services with CPA. We work hard to create a safe environment that protects you from discrimination, violence, abuse and neglect.

You should expect that we will:

1 Respect you

2 Respect cultural and individual differences

3 Respect your privacy

4 Do all we can to protect you from discrimination, abuse and neglect

5 Listen to you and act quickly on your concerns


Find out more about your rights here. This brochure is also available in other languages here.

Speak with one of our specialists if you have concerns related to potential abuse or neglect of a client. 

For concerns about abuse and neglect related to children receiving services at CPA call 02 8055 0321 or if the concern is related to adults receiving services at CPA call 02 8055 0319.

It was the Disney film that never happened.

MACA (Mobility and Accessibility for Children in Australia Inc) is a new Australian not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting and advocating for the right to safe and accessible transport for children (under 16 years) living with disability (and/or medical conditions).