New Jooay app – connecting young people with disability to local activities

New Jooay app – connecting young people with disability to local activities
Posted on Mon 8 Feb 2021

We spoke to Natasha Garrity, Research Assistant at Cerebral Palsy Research Institute to find out about the brand new Jooay app and how it helps to connect young people living with disability with local activities. 


What’s the purpose of the Jooay app?

 The Jooay app is designed to connect people with a disability to leisure activities appropriate to their ability, location (via an inbuilt map) and budget. The app is free to download on the Apple store and Google Play.  At present social participation in leisure activities is much lower amongst those with a disability than the remainder of the population. Many studies have shown that an increase in social participation improves well-being and general health significantly. Jooay plans to assist with this goal.


What is CPA’s involvement with the Jooay app?

 The app was originally developed in Canada, researchers in Australia including CPA decided to develop and launch Jooay in Australia after it experienced success in Canada. I (Natasha Garrity) was invited to be involved to help make adjustments so that the app is more relatable to an Australian context, as a young person with a disability. I also upload all the data of the activity providers in NSW onto the backend of the app.


How does the app help CPA clients and others (globally) living with disability?

 The app helps CPA clients and others with a disability by allowing them to find suitable leisure activities which in turn, allows them to better maintain physical, social and personal wellbeing.  .This will help people access new activities, become involved in groups/clubs and everything that that entails- learning new skills, meeting new people, making new friends etc It can be a life-changing experience to find and become involved in an activity one is passionate about - learning and improving those skills and belonging to a group of like-minded people Other than Canada, Australia is the only other country with a Jooay branch. But it may be possible to expand to more countries.


Which activities are the highlights on the app and why?

 At the moment most of the activities are sport related, but there are a number of arts and other kinds of activities as well. New activities are being uploaded regularly. The community of Jooay uses can suggest an activity/organisation to go on the app using the “suggest an activity” from on the app. The app also has multiple filters from the type of disability catered for to “closest to me”.


As someone with lived experience of a disability how would you have found the app useful as a child/teen?

My family and I would have loved something like this. When I was a kid my mum would spend hours reaching possible activities or rely on word of mouth between parents. If we had this app we would have been able to find a new activity that was both interesting and suited me quickly, regardless of anyone hearing about it before.


Download this FREE app on the App Store on ios and Google play on android.

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