Meet UBS, sponsor of the 20/twenty Challenge

Meet UBS, sponsor of the 20/twenty Challenge
Posted on Fri 11 Dec 2020

UBS is a Swiss-based investment bank with offices across Australia and New Zealand. UBS is also the proud sponsor of the 20/twenty Challenge.

We spoke to Katrina Smith, Associate Director Community Affairs, and Jeff Brown, Fixed Income Analyst.

Q: What attracted you both to the 20/twenty Challenge? Why is it important for UBS to get involved?  

Katrina: UBS have partnered with Cerebral Palsy Alliance since 2015. 

Employees are encouraged to give back to the community and it is important for them to know they work for a company with a moral compass.

20/twenty is a fantastic event which provides the opportunity for staff engagement while raising funds for a great cause.  We also had a number of employees who have been touched by families and friends living with cerebral palsy.  

Jeff: I feel very fortunate to be on the 20/twenty Committee representing UBS. I have a close friend with cerebral palsy. He is now 19 years old. One year, I did the 20/twenty swim around Shelly Beach with him. 

There is a double challenge with CP fundraising – you have long-term goals that you want to achieve with research but you also want children with cerebral palsy to be able to navigate their day-to-day lives.

Q: Tell us about the UBS cadets involved in 20/twenty

Jeff: I joined as a cadet in 2017 and I now coordinate the cadet arm of the 20/twenty Challenge. 

Our cadet numbers have grown over the years and we now have 50 cadets across Australia and New Zealand.  My role is to get as many of our Sydney cadets as possible involved and part of a team, not just a select few. 

With COVID-19 this year, I wanted to keep people engaged and share the work that CPA does and the impacts made. We’ve continued fundraising throughout the year and will do another push pre-Christmas.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised that cerebral palsy is well-known among our cadets. Quite a few of us know someone who has been touched by cerebral palsy. I think it’s testimony to the work done by CPA over the last decade to raise awareness.

Katrina: We have also had CPA visit our offices to talk about the event and the work they are doing. Our support is not limited to 20/twenty. When the event had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, staff wanted to continue fundraising and we participated in STEPtember. 

What is your message to people considering donating to the 20/twenty Challenge?

Jeff: The 20/twenty Challenge enables us to directly raise funds for short-term and long- term outcomes for people with cerebral palsy. We think it’s a fantastic way to contribute back to our communities and society at large. 

Katrina: Every dollar raised contributes to changing the lives of people living with cerebral palsy.  We are really proud to be principal sponsor and encourage other corporates to participate.

There’s a new and exciting voice on Sydney's airwaves – Aaryan Shah, a 20-year-old university student and long-term part of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance community who hopes to one day host his own weekly sports show!

The 18th edition of the 20/twenty Challenge, Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s annual team fundraising event, was a massive success, raising almost $400,000 to purchase much-needed equipment and assistive technology for kids with cerebral palsy!

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