Clayton Utz giving back

Clayton Utz giving back
Posted on Wed 9 Dec 2020

In 2021, Australian commercial law firm Clayton Utz will be sponsoring two clients on the Krazy Kosci Klimb – Zane from Sydney and Cameron from Canberra. 

Zane and Cameron will be joined by lawyers and employees from Clayton Utz’s business advisory services across Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. 

We spoke to Anna, National Manager of Community and Sustainability at Clayton Utz. 

How did Clayton Utz get involved in the Krazy Kosci Klimb?

We’ve had an extensive relationship with CPA for over ten years.  

We provided a grant for an early diagnostic clinic for babies at risk of cerebral palsy. From there, we were asked if we’d like to participate in the first year of Krazy Kosci. We’ve done it ever since. 

The reason we love participating is we get to spend time with the young people with CP and their families and achieve this massive goal together. We tell new staff about Krazy Kosci at their Orientation. It’s such an awareness-raiser for people who are able-bodied. It gives our staff an insight into living with CP, both the challenges and the amazing skills and capabilities people with CP have. 

People forget it is a 19km round journey. It’s a huge achievement and something we want to recognise and celebrate. Plus, it’s just a really fun day and a spectacular walk. 

Volunteers man the stop-points along the way. They are the most amazing cheerleaders, encouraging and supporting us and providing yummy treats and great music. They make is a really joyous occasion. 

That’s why people sign up; because it is so special.

How are you fundraising this year? 

We have been very busy with our fundraising. 

Normally in our Sydney office, we have a giant bake sale with a bake trolley circulating the office, because who can resist cake? But this year we have restrictions, so we will organise a Sunset Session with live music from our more musical clerks. 

What is your message to people considering donating to Krazy Kosci, and other corporates who might want to get involved?

To donors, these young people get so much from participating in Krazy Kosci. Reaching the summit is only possible because of the strength and endurance they’ve gained through the sports program, which is supported by our donations. 

To corporates, Krazy Kosci is definitely a worthwhile event to get involved in. It truly highlights the amazing work that CPA does. You go through highs and lows with the families as you climb to the summit, and to be a part of that is truly life-changing. 

You can donate to Zane and Cameron by clicking below

Prioritisation of strategies to optimise gym participation for young adults with cerebral palsy: A Delphi study. This research is being conducted by La Trobe University and CP-Achieve and is open to young adults with cerebral palsy aged 16-30, and their parents/caregivers, plus health professionals and gym workers. 

Researchers at UNSW are conducting a project which aims to validate a Neurodevelopmental Assessment Scale (NAS) and would like to recruit parents/caregivers of children with a Neurodevelopmental Developmental Disorder (NDD) to assist with the validation.