Release Umbilical Cord Blood Treatments to Australians in Need

Release Umbilical Cord Blood Treatments to Australians in Need
Posted on Wed 4 Mar 2020

Umbilical cord blood treatment is safe, and improves walking and movement in children with cerebral palsy.

Yet umbilical cord blood treatment is still illegal in Australia for most conditions. The public bank is only allowed to release treatments for Blood cancers.

The Food & Drug Administration allow American children with cerebral palsy to have umbilical cord blood treatments - Australia is falling behind.

40,000 samples in the Australian bank sit unused. Meanwhile, Australian families are buying stem cells from private clinics overseas - an expensive and stressful venture that comes with an extensive list of risks.

We need your help to campaign for change on behalf of the community who have requested this petition.

Urge the government to update the archaic legislation and release umbilical cord blood treatments to Australians in need.

Our best chance of a cure for cerebral palsy is to accelerate clinical trials and update legislation.


Sign the petition today:

COVID-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus, is impacting everyone around the world at the moment, but is having an even greater impact on our community of people living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

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