Classroom adjustments for cerebral palsy

Classroom adjustments for cerebral palsy
Posted on Fri 7 Jun 2019

CPA has collaborated with NCCD (Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability), an Australian Government initiative, to produce a podcast that highlights adjustments in the classroom to enable students with cerebral palsy to access and participate in education on the same basis as their peers.

In this podcast you will learn more about cerebral palsy and how it affects individuals’ physically and cognitively from the perspectives of students, parents and experts.

CPA clients Jordan Best and her son Will, who lives with cerebral palsy, share their experiences, and CPA Speech Therapist Rachel McGlynn discusses adjustments that can be made to support students.

Clear communication is, according to Jordan and Will, the secret for a happy school life. Jordan urges Will to advocate for himself.

“There’s no shame in disability, both the child and teacher should be comfortable about being open about the disability. Make sure the child has a voice and is heard and understood,” advises Jordan.

Listen to the cerebral palsy podcast episode.

Access the whole podcast series about classroom adjustments for a range of disabilities.

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