Supporting Mustafa living with Muscular Dystrophy

Supporting Mustafa living with Muscular Dystrophy
Posted on Mon 25 Mar 2019

When 14 year old Mustafa smiles, he lights up the whole room. This rugby league fan and stoic Bulldog supporter has Muscular Dystrophy, a condition where his muscles deteriorate over time. Mustafa dreams of being an actor. Cerebral Palsy Alliance helps him on his path to achieving this goal through therapy.



Though Mustafa’s big goal is becoming an actor, according to his brother Fouad Yasin, his main practical goal is around independence.  As with any teenager he wants to be able to go out with his friends without his brother or his mum. He wants to be able to go see his beloved Bulldogs play. And he wants to be confident communicating with his family, peers and the wider community.


Therapy and services

To achieve these goals, especially around his confidence in communication and acting, Mustafa needed speech pathology support. His brother Fouad asked around and was told that Cerebral Palsy Alliance was the best, but at first he wasn't so sure they would be able to help someone with his brother's condition.

"I had a look at the website and was impressed. Then when we made the call and had Mustafa's first appointment, they were very welcoming," Fouad said.

After months of regular speech pathology sessions a more confident Mustafa has emerged.

"I have seen so much improvement in Mustafa's speaking and communication since he started working with Will.

"Now he corrects himself when he is speaking, something that he wouldn't have done before.

"We go to the shops or might stop into McDonalds for a treat. Now he goes up the counter and puts his own order into the cashier. This is the start of the independence he wants to have, and our family feels relief knowing that he is going to be alright by himself."

It's all thanks to Mustafa's hard work inside and outside of therapy as well as the consistent direction of speech pathologist William.

"In the sessions, Mustafa feels safe to try new things to improve his speech, make mistakes and learn from it. Will has been his consistent therapist, building a strong working relationship."

Mustafa and his family are investigating the other therapies and services offered by Cerebral Palsy Alliance to help him achieve independence.

"They have holiday programs like cooking and going out with other people with different disabilities.  Cerebral Palsy Alliance clients have a diverse range of disabilities and that's what we like. It's about inclusiveness and that helps build confidence."


NDIS funding

When Mustafa became eligible for the NDIS his family wanted a service provider with a strong reputation and the ability to work with Muscular Dystrophy.

Fouad was pointed in the direction of Cerebral Palsy Alliance on the recommendation of well regarded health care professionals.

"Cerebral Palsy Alliance have all the services you need in one place and the therapists all communicate so you only have to make one trip and everyone knows you."

"They are organised and it makes it so much easier for us carers. Even when they are booking your appointment they look at what else you have on and try to book on the same day.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance can help you understand your NDIS funds and plan the services and supports you will need to achieve your goals, just like we did with Mustafa.

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