Green thumbs pay off!

Green thumbs pay off!
Posted on Wed 17 Jan 2018

The Project Green team proudly made their first delivery to New Leaf Nursery in time for Christmas.

Mark Hall, a Cerebral Palsy Alliance client, has been one of the stalwarts of Project Green and on the day of delivery he was joined by the newest member, Steve Arrowsmith. Steve (left) is pictured with Mark. They were accompanied by James Listberger, a Disability Support Practitioner with CPA who is the Project Manager of Project Green.

Mark has been working with James for four years and since they made their first delivery of succulents he is hopeful he might earn some money from his efforts. His optimism is well placed because a homeowner recently contacted Project Green and ordered 80 small succulents for a ‘grow wall’ in his garden.

“We’ve also had other private buyers placing smaller orders with us,” says James, who contacted New Leaf Nursey after he saw the commitment demonstrated by Mark and the other members of Project Green. 

New Leaf is a community minded nursery in the northern Sydney suburb of Ingleside, and James’ negotiations resulted in the trio delivering 38 pots of succulents in time for Christmas shopping.

“It felt so good,” says Mark who has been with Project Green since it began in 2014. “I’m working towards our next delivery.”

Steve joined the Project Green team in early November. Project Green has its headquarters at the Lifestyle Supports facility at Allambie Heights which has an outdoor area large enough for propagating tables and garden beds which are raised to a level to ensure easy access for people who use wheelchairs.

With Steve’s arrival the team is now six strong and they share the responsibility of looking after the garden, watering, weeding, repotting herbs and succulents and attending to the compost bins.

James says Steve has turned into a propagating champion. “I’ve been impressed by his enthusiasm. He’s excelled, potting up 50 succulents in two weeks. We’ll definitely be ready for our next delivery to the nursery.”

Steve says he enjoys getting his hands into the potting mix. “I like everything about it.” Once Steve has potted up the succulents, Mark ensures they are well watered.

Meanwhile, James is getting their first 2018 delivery organised. “The clients have put a lot of work into Project Green and it’s taken a while for it to grow to this level. It was terrific making a delivery to a commercial nursery rather than buying plants and taking them away. I’m really looking forward to the next one.”

Mark and Steve are also looking forward to it. “The delivery was fun,” says Mark.

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