San Francisco Tech Summit series

The San Francisco Technology Summit in 2018 brought together global thought leaders who collaborated on the latest research, innovation technology on mobility and communication, such as virtual reality, voice recognition and modern software, to improve the lives of people living with disability.

Hear expert insights about current innovative projects, future visions for technology, and what the challenges and opportunities are.

Episode 1

San Fran Tech Summit series introduction
The videos are introduced by keynote speaker, Professor Alistair McEwan, Ainsworth Chair of Technology and Innovation. Alistair works across CPA, the Grace Centre for Newborn Care, and the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Sydney.

Episode 2

Innovative projects to improve lives
Thought leaders share insights on the latest products they are developing including computer vision and computer models to benefit people living with disability – from visual impairment to helping children with motor impairments to walk.

Episode 3

What will the future look like in technology and disabilities?
Speakers and experts in this field discuss their vision for the future, regarding the opportunities and exponential progress of medical technology, including integrating computer brain interfaces and exoskeletans.

Episode 4

What do we need to overcome?
Though leaders share insights on the challenges that need to be overcome to get to the future they envisage in the space of technology for people living with disability.