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April 23, 2024

TRANSMIT: Multifaceted knowledge TRANSlation iMproving function in cerebral palsy

What is this study about? 

This study aims to improve health literacy and outcomes using a comprehensive knowledge translation strategy to close the research practice gap. As part of the TRANSMIT project, researchers are developing a mobile Health (mHealth) aide, with nested evidence-based leaflets, animations, eLearning modules, one-page costing summaries, and knowledge brokerage (KT Strategies). 

Researchers are investigating the impact of the mHealth aide on health literacy and uptake of evidence-based interventions, with a view to improving outcomes for children with cerebral palsy. In a world first for cerebral palsy, in collaboration with Consumers, CSIRO and the NDIA, the mHealth aide features co-designed material to cater to three key stakeholder groups – consumers, clinicians and policy makers. 

What does the study look like?

We’re using Australian cerebral palsy data from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), thanks to our Research Partner, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). Our study includes 2,852 children and youth with cerebral palsy, along with their parents. Some of them will use our new mHealth tool. We’ll compare their progress with the larger group.  

Families and their clinicians, including children with cerebral palsy aged 0-18 years, their parents, and their allied health professionals, will be recruited and supported. We will be measuring function before use of the mobile health application, and then changes in function after receiving the intervention for 12 months.  

TRANSMIT represents an innovative effort to improve outcomes for children with cerebral palsy and their families through accessible technology and research uptake strategies.  

Not Yet Recruiting. Recruitment will open in 2025.

For more information about this study contact:

Dr Alex Griffin
Research Fellow
Cerebral Palsy Alliance