Lady in sparkly white dress and sneakers in a wheelchair, and red lipstick, smiling, on a purple background with a halo of illustrations around her head.

This is fabulous Georgia – shining on life’s centre stage

Georgia is so excited about her life she feels like a bubble waiting to burst. This social butterfly is making her dreams come true on centre stage. So far, she's performed at Sydney Opera House and in the Australian Girls' Choir, and now she sings in a band.

Musically, her inspirations are eclectic – ACDC, Pink Floyd and Alice Cooper are her favourite rock stars while Kylie is her disco queen. She rubs shoulders with Jimmy Barnes and his daughter Ellie May. And with her Cerebral Palsy Alliance support crew backstage, Georgia has built all the skills and support she needs to shine in the spotlight.

Disability Support Practitioner Kazu has helped her build the confidence she has today, supports her independence and gets her to her many gigs and engagements on time. Marc helps her to perform at her her peak in the Cooee band, an inclusive community band, while her housemates keep her feet firmly on the ground.

Meditation also helps to keep Georgia balanced and focussed. She taught herself this incredible technique from YouTube. Learning meditation has given her so much self-awareness and joy which she’s keen to share with everyone, so they can achieve their goals too.

Georgia understands how hard it is for people with disability and relates to their difficulties. She uses her voice to pick others up, her advice is to

“Get out there in the community and give things a go. Give things your best shot, because this thing called life isn’t a dress rehearsal.”

Next on Georgia’s ambitious goal list is to become the next Stella McCartney. She’s currently designing her own clothes through a social enterprise, so keep an eye out for this sparkling creative dynamo in the front row of the catwalk.

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