Real life stories

This is Maisa. She finds inspiration in creating possibilities for people with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities through funding accessible technology, better treatments and global research. 

This is Lauren. She found her passion working as an Exercise Physiologist, empowering her clients to achieve their goals. Whatever the milestone, however seemingly big or small, Lauren is there to support her clients at every stage. 

We met Jett a few years ago and are delighted to share the incredible progress he's made since. Jett's now kicking his goals at school and riding his bike withouth training wheels! All thanks to his tenacity, and support from family, school and therapists from Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Daniel, the innovative Disability Support Worker, brightening his clients’ day with one tech gadget at a time. Daniel has always been passionate about helping people, and since joining the CPA community as Disability Support Worker these aspirations have been made a reality.

On Wednesday 26 October, we were delighted to meet in person with over 40 of our wonderful donors and thank them for their generous support.

Last month we caught up with Aidyn’s mum, Young, to find out how he and his family have been getting on over the last year. It’s safe to say, this little boy has been taking some pretty big steps!

19-year-old India is dancing and climbing her way to success one stride and pirouette at a time. Having right side hemiplegia cerebral palsy hasn’t stopped India competing in dance competitions, and she  recently did a 11 km run with her dad. India loves a challenge and can’t wait to tackle the Krazy Kosci Klimb.

Last month, a group of young people with cerebral palsy came together to launch the CPActive 'Blaze the Trail' campaign. Here, disability advocate Merusha Pride shares her perspective on the day - and where to next for this exciting project.

Thanks to assistive technology, Cerebral Palsy Alliance client Anastasia is looking forward to a holiday season full of fun and games that will also support her to greater mobility and communication!