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It’s been a weirdly wonderful time for me – you might’ve noticed I didn’t share a column with you in October? That’s because I was racing toward the finish line of my university degree, a double in Arts & International Studies if anyone was wondering. Four years of my life that unfolded in ways I never could’ve predicted. 

Trina Thornbury, Front End Developer shares her inspiring story of living with CP and overcoming obstacles to achieve a successful career and wonderful family. Trina also unpacks some misunderstandings about CP, a neurological condition caused by brain damage that affects millions of people globally.

A lot of my work as a disability advocate centres around the idea that disabled people are often missing; onscreen, at work, in the community and from conversations where their voices deserve to be heard and their stories told. Our visibility is still not normalised. And if things are ever going to get better for our community, that needs to change. Like, now.

We had a virtual coffee catch up with two exercise enthusiasts about the benefits of exercise. CPA client, Nicole Lu talks about her new found love of exercise during lockdown, and Lauren Marcos, Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), CPA Penshurst gives us the low down on what Exercise Physiology is.

Nicole Lu lives with cerebral palsy, but her mobility challenges didn’t stop her plucking up the courage to take up the challenge to participate in the Krazy Kosci Klimb fundraising event in 2016. Find out how walking to the top of Mount Kosciuszko made a difference to her life and what she learned from the experience.

Wed 18 Aug 2021
22 lessons in 22 years

Hannah Diviney, our new columnist, shares 22 lessons she's learned in celebration of her 22 years of being an amazing human. 

For 20 years Marc Warden admired Sharon Sheedy from a distance, unable to express his love despite seeing her every day. The couple, residents at CPA Supported Independent Living, eventually found eventually love through music. 

Meet Hannah Diviney. So far, she's founded Krazy Kosci Klimb, advocated for disability rights and awareness, become Editor-in-Chief of Missing Perspectives, and most recently, been nominated for Young Australian of The Year, 2022. Discover when she wrote her very first story, her journey with CPA, and why she wants you to think of her as your honorary big sister. 

Accenture is a long-term Corporate Partner of Cerebral Palsy Alliance. We interviewed Jasmina, an Analyst in the Accenture Melbourne office, to hear from her what it is like working at Accenture and how they support her in her role.