Real life stories

Meet Xian Horn, a teacher, speaker, beauty advocate and Forbes blogger who is Making Her Mark through her contribution to adaptive fashion, and the self-esteem of people with disabilities all around the world.

Matilda was 26 years old when she played her first game of football. Now 28, she’s moved across the country from Western Australia (WA) to Canberra in Australia to follow her dreams of being part of the first female football team to represent Australia at the 2021 IFCPF World Cup.

Mia's daughter, Jumana, has diplegic cerebral palsy. It affects movement in her legs, but it takes an emotional toll as well. 

Uni student Marge is working towards her fitness goals with exercise physiologist Russell. Sessions have been conducted  via Telepractice during COVID and Marge is keen to continue this in combination with in-person.

Growing up watching her OT mum support clients at CPA’s Prairiewood was all the inspiration needed for former CPA volunteer Joanna to set her sights firmly on pursuing a career in Allied Health.

Sienna is a fun-loving 13-year-old. She's still managing to achieve her goals while in social isolation amidst the pandemic, with the help of her CPA therapists. Here's how she stays motivated. 

Mum, Susan answers a Q&A about how her 5 year old son, Alex's therapy is going via Telepractice and how it's helped him to flourish at Kindergarten. 

Being an animal lover myself, it was a privilege to participate in a recent Animal Campaign Workshop, one of CPA’s exciting youth programs, now being delivered via Telepractice. 

All relationships experience demands and stresses, but having a child with a disability adds extra pressure. Parents Hiam and Joe share how their relationship has survived.