Real life stories

One of the greatest challenges for most people undertaking rehabilitation is the boredom factor. Children in particular need fun and play to stay motivated and maintain focus on movement goals.

Wed 25 Nov 2020
Robert's story

Robert has attended Warrah’s Community Support Services for many years now, five days per week with the support of a one on one staff member. During this time he has participated in many community activities including volunteering farm deliveries to various food coops, banking, swimming, bushwalking and café outings.

Maxim Kiselev lives with spastic tetraplegia. Maxim is a wheelchair dancer, and does both ballroom style and figure skating on ice.

Wed 4 Nov 2020
Aaryan’s story

Ambitious uni student sets sights on sports broadcasting

Wed 4 Nov 2020
Hannah’s story

A people magnet who doesn’t belong in a box

Wed 4 Nov 2020
Oscar’s story

Destined to light up the stage and star in the Olympics

Meet Xian Horn, a teacher, speaker, beauty advocate and Forbes blogger who is Making Her Mark through her contribution to adaptive fashion, and the self-esteem of people with disabilities all around the world.

Matilda was 26 years old when she played her first game of football. Now 28, she’s moved across the country from Western Australia (WA) to Canberra in Australia to follow her dreams of being part of the first female football team to represent Australia at the 2021 IFCPF World Cup.

Mia's daughter, Jumana, has diplegic cerebral palsy. It affects movement in her legs, but it takes an emotional toll as well.