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Hear the latest from columist Hannah Diviney about her reviewwed hope and optimisimg for the future, and about taking the stage at the Sydney Writer’s Festival alongside four other brilliantly creative disabled people to discuss why society at large needs to start paying attention to us. 

There’s a new and exciting voice on Sydney's airwaves – Aaryan Shah, a 20-year-old university student and long-term part of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance community who hopes to one day host his own weekly sports show!

It’s good to be back sharing my thoughts for April, even if we do need to talk about something a little more serious than usual. Don’t worry, everything’s fine – we just need to have a little chat about the NDIS. If you’ve read that and sighed or rolled your eyes, I get it. I’m tired too, but that exhaustion is why I’m writing this.

Elaine was diagnosed with cerebral palsy early in life and has been connected to CPA for many years. In this piece, she shares her journey into motherhood, finding ways to give back and what the future holds for her family. 

I can’t believe it’s March already. Maybe because I’m doing so many things? Writing a book, writing for other people, spearheading Missing Perspectives as it gets built into a business that can stand on its own two feet PLUS a bunch of othering exciting things.

Happy February, friends! I thought I’d be writing to you this month, fresh off the high of watching young people with Cerebral Palsy conquer Mt Kosciuzko. This past weekend (or a few weekends ago, depending on when you’re reading this) was supposed to be the 8th annual Krazy Kosci Klimb, an endurance event like no other, that is a huge deal in the calendars of roughly 250 people. It’s a weekend full of fun, tenacity and even a little bit of dancing!

Instead of having the fun-filled family Christmas I'd planned, we spent Christmas with COVID. Over the course of a week, all five of us got it, resigned to the fact that isolating from each other at this time of year, especially given how much I rely on other people for self-care, was a pretty fruitless exercise. 

Happy December! It’s my favourite and some say, the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas. Summer. Two seasons of life that have always felt to me, as though they carried a little extra sparkle than the rest of the year.

It’s been a weirdly wonderful time for me – you might’ve noticed I didn’t share a column with you in October? That’s because I was racing toward the finish line of my university degree, a double in Arts & International Studies if anyone was wondering. Four years of my life that unfolded in ways I never could’ve predicted.