Real life stories

Three-year-old William came to CPA Wollongong when he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) at one. Thanks to support from Speech Pathologist Jo Grayson, and Occupational Therapist Kathryn Boroczky, William’s parents are focussing on a future with greater possibilities.

You might be wondering why guest blogger Laura Pettenuzzo is writing about COVID, a virus considered "old news". For Laura, pretending the COVID pandemic is over is a form of ableism, and the lack of precautions for COVID mean many places are unsafe for her. 

Wed 24 May 2023

Paige Peterson is a physiotherapist at CPA in Port Macquarie. She shares her story of how her partner Drew's lived experience of cerebral palsy provided unique insight into treating clients with the condition.

For Rohan, volunteering hits to the core of humanity, raising up and helping others who need dental care more regularly than the general public.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance employs dozens of Speech Pathologists across over 20 therapy sites and each of their journeys are unique. For Rhiannon, speechie based at our East Maitland centre in NSW, her journey with CPA started eight years ago with a chance encounter.

Guest blogger Laura Pettenuzzo talks about the connection between mental illness and CP and how she prioritises her wellbeing.

We all know the importance of self-care. Having the right supports that help us to take a break and re-set allows us to better care for the ones we love. CPA’s Short Term Accommodation service, also known as Respite, is the extended family you can rely on whenever you need that extra support.  

This is Lauren. She found her passion working as an Exercise Physiologist at our CPA site in Penshurst, south Sydney. Whatever the milestone, however big or small, Lauren is there to support her clients to improve their quality of life.  

Guest blogger Laura Pettenuzzo reflects on the damaging effects of inspiration po*n, recalling the moment the man behind the counter registered her disability. His expression transformed into one of pity and sadness.