Real life stories

Accenture is a long-term Corporate Partner of Cerebral Palsy Alliance. We interviewed Jasmina, an Analyst in the Accenture Melbourne office, to hear from her what it is like working at Accenture and how they support her in her role.

When Pam and Tom Rogers discovered they were going to have their first child they were over the moon. They began planning for the new addition to their family - but a common virus called CMV turned their world on its head.

Last year BJ started at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance gym. I honestly didn’t think it would be a success but I’m always keen to give BJ the opportunity to try new things.

Thu 21 Jan 2021
A Little Bit Different

My life didn’t start just like every other normal child. I was faced with a bit of a hurdle from the beginning. I was a very happy baby, wanting to crawl everywhere around the house. It wasn’t until I was about one when my Mum started to see something was not right.

Will Howell is the founder of WillPower Ties. Discover what motivated him to start his business, and learn about the challenges and surprises he experienced along the way.

One of the greatest challenges for most people undertaking rehabilitation is the boredom factor. Children in particular need fun and play to stay motivated and maintain focus on movement goals.

Wed 25 Nov 2020
Robert's story

Robert has attended Warrah’s Community Support Services for many years now, five days per week with the support of a one on one staff member. During this time he has participated in many community activities including volunteering farm deliveries to various food coops, banking, swimming, bushwalking and café outings.

Maxim Kiselev lives with spastic tetraplegia. Maxim is a wheelchair dancer, and does both ballroom style and figure skating on ice.

Wed 4 Nov 2020
Aaryan’s story

Ambitious uni student sets sights on sports broadcasting