Real life stories

All relationships experience demands and stresses, but having a child with a disability adds extra pressure. Parents Hiam and Joe share how their relationship has survived.

Maria is one of life’s great adventurers. Her wanderlust has taken her around the world – from Britain, to Alaska and Japan. Her philosophy is “life is precious and you need to grab hold of it and live it your way.”  

Eight year old Harry's family moved to Australia from the UK to give Harry a better life. His mum, carer and therapist talk about his progress and whether the move was a success. 

Being a parent has to be the most rewarding yet toughest job. So, imagine the challenges a parent with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) faces when their child also has ADHD.

Tue 11 Feb 2020
Teaming up for the twins

2019 was a big year for 59-year-old twins, Kerry and Steven in Sydney’s west. It was the year when they finally moved out of their parents’ home, thanks to the joint efforts of CPA and Hume Community Housing.

Little Harry was born at just 24 weeks, weighing a tiny 657 grams. It was a scary time for parents Elle and Nathan, having lost their first son soon after birth.

New Year, new you? Aaryan shares how he maintains his motivation to keep challenging himself to keep fit. 

Marley works full time at CPA while studying for a degree, and as three daughters, two of whom live with disabilities. Marley demonstrates how she finds the energy and motivation to successfully juggles her busy life. 

CPA transform lives through finding the perfect home for clients who need accommodation support. Our client Ashley is now living his best life, since moving homes he's build independence, made friends and taken up new hobbies.