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August 16, 2023

Prairiewood frame running program makes its mark for young people with CP

Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s new frame running program at Prairiewood will unlock new independence and mobility for young people with cerebral palsy in western Sydney.

A group of enthusiastic young clients between the ages of 7 and 18 recently took part in a series of one-hour trial sessions on state-of-the-art frame runners with the support of CPA’s allied health team.

The frame runners were recently purchased through the generous support of the Coca-Cola Australia Foundation, which provided the funds to establish the program as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations in 2022.


Frame Running is an innovative sport for people of all ages with a physical disability, such as cerebral palsy, who have impaired balance and are unable to functionally run.

Kamilia, whose son Deen took part in the session, said that frame running gave her son freedom, mobility and independence, and also enabled him to take part in a community activity with his friends.

“The frame runner is a fantastic piece of equipment. It gives Deen a new way of mobilising and a new sense of freedom – it is easy to see that he enjoys his time in his frame runner and is eager to be in it,” she said.


A specially-designed frame allows people with disabilities the freedom to move and run in a supported and balanced way without a walker or wheelchair, improving health and wellbeing outcomes of young people with CP.

CPA is proud to have been the first organisation in Australia to introduce a frame running program in 2018, and we still deliver a weekly frame running session at our Allambie therapy centre on Sydney’s northern beaches. Now with the addition of Prairiewood, a whole new community will be able to take part in the thrilling sport.

“Frame running is a fantastic way for people with CP and similar disabilities to increase their participation in physical activities. We’ve had a great early reception to our frame running program and we’re excited to support more clients to get involved in a fun new adaptive sport,” said Enoch Lam, Therapy Services Manager at CPA Prairiewood.

Almost 500 people with cerebral palsy regularly take part in frame running as a sport, and it is expected to be included in future Paralympics programs.

Regular frame running sessions will be held at Prairiewood in the coming months – get in touch with the centre to find out more!