Little boy with two adult carers

MyCPA: your personal assistant, now serving more families than ever  

Clients are loving MyCPA – our game changing app that debuted last year. The app is designed to make life easier for you to manage therapy appointments all on one platform. 

Sue Tyson, the Primary Client Representative for clients Ashlee & Katie commented on her experience of MyCPA. 

“I love the MyCPA app, it’s so easy to use. I can see all booked appointments for both girls at a click of a button which allows me to better forward plan for future therapy appointments and activities for both girls. 

I love that I can cancel appointments using the MYCPA app and that I am able to make these changes in the comfort of my own home, and on my iPad, after business hours once both girls have gone to bed.”

MyCPA is taking another leap forward. Initially only able to support Primary Client Representatives with a single client, MyCPA now embraces families with multiple members using CPA’s services. 

For those juggling the care of several loved ones, MyCPA is now able to support seamlessly managing appointments and services for each family member. Here are the key benefits at a glance:  

  • personalised and intuitive 
  • view the appointments and services for all the people that you represent all under one digital platform 
  • read the appointment notes relevant to each person, viewing and cancelling appointments where necessary, all at a time that is convenient to you 
  • receive notifications that are specific to each person you represent, allowing you to keep on top of upcoming appointments 
  • get alerted when new appointment notes are available, and be made aware of any changes to appointments.  

Simone Jorgensen, CPA Customer Service Representative at Kingswood commented on the new functionality to support multiple family members:   

Finally, a scheduling solution for our clients with multiple family members accessing our services. MyCPA will allow our clients to keep their busy life in order without missing a beat by accessing the app. It’s like having a personal assistant right at their fingertips. Our clients time matters, and I truly believe MYCPA will assist with this.” 

MyCPA is constantly evolving, we’re listening to clients’ needs, and are committed to implementing improvements. Coming soon, people that use MyCPA will be able to synchronise MyCPA to their mobile device calendar, allowing them to add appointments to a shared calendar and provide them visibility of how their CPA appointments integrate with their other daily commitments.  

Get started on MyCPA today to manage all your therapy services. Speak to your Customer Service Representative if you need more assistance.