Professor Iona Novak

Iona Novak recognised in King’s Birthday Honours for advances in cerebral palsy research

Iona’s outstanding contributions to research, particularly in the field of cerebral palsy, have rightfully earned her this well-deserved recognition. Driven by the belief that research and healthcare have the potential to change lives, Iona’s dedication and commitment to ground-breaking research has had a profound impact on our cerebral palsy (CP) community.  

Iona is internationally recognised as an expert in rehabilitation and neuroplasticity for children with CP and her work has led to changes in clinical practice.  She has  collaborated with colleagues to develop clinical practice guidelines to diagnose CP early, define best practice early intervention and interventions to improve independence for people with CP.

“We are incredibly proud of Iona’s well-deserved honour in advancing world-leading research into the prevention, intervention and possible cures for cerebral palsy,” said Rob White, Chief Executive Officer, Cerebral Palsy Alliance. “Iona and our entire team of researchers at Cerebral Palsy Alliance really are leading the world, and importantly sharing their knowledge with the global cerebral palsy community.” 

Iona is a Fulbright Scholar establishing “Xcellerate” – an American-Australian Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell Research Consortium that pools collective efforts to find a cure and invited Chair of the International Clinical Guidelines for Cerebral Palsy. Iona is affiliated with the STA Superstars Of STEM program as a Superstar of STEM participant, is the top published occupational therapist in Australia, and winner of the prestigious Elsass Foundation Research Award in 2021. 

Under Professor Novak’s stewardship, Cerebral Palsy Alliance researchers were recently awarded funding from National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).  

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