Boy with brown hair wearing a frey tshirt on a grey background holding a toy

Free access to CPToys – a therapy tool for children with cerebral palsy

CPToys an alumni of CPA’s Remarkable Accelerator program*, is an online portal specifically designed for therapists and parents of children with cerebral palsy to maximise the outcomes of therapy by enhancing engagement, practice, and neuroplasticity. Using innovative technology, CPToys matches a child’s age and individual upper limb therapy goals to a range of fun and motivating toys.

CPToys recently updated their subscription model. Cerebral Palsy Alliance has a Team subscription plan which means our therapists can now invite an unlimited number of parents to access the CPToys platform for free! This is an amazing benefit for our families.

One of our Occupational Therapists, Courtney Graeber from the ACT commented that CPToys has been a fundamental resource for formulating client goals, intervention planning and collaborating with clients and their families when choosing the appropriate toys for intervention.

“CPToys has supported my client Aria and her family to find appropriate and motivating toys for home practice that have been used for several goals and intervention blocks. I have collaborated with Aria’s family following assessment to set goals and choose toys via the platform. This has been a useful resource in tracking her progress and updating goals in a timely manner during the appointment.

Aria’s mother reported that CP Toys was a great tool and would recommend it to other parents.”

By accessing CPToys, you will be able to:

  • View your child’s individualised home therapy program.
  • Explore 380+ curated toys that are perfect for therapy.
  • View 30+ short videos that explain and visually illustrate each goal.
  • Watch CPToys education forums presented by experts from around the world. This includes 20+ past forums.

If your child is under 5-6 years of age with an upper limb therapy goal, talk to your therapist about whether CPToys can support your child with their goals. If your child has already been set up with a CPToys home program, your therapist can gift you a licence to activate your free membership.

*CPToys completed the Remarkable Accelerator program in 2020. Remarkable is the startup venture arm of Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) and Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF). CPA is committed to ensuring our clients and families get the first access to innovative and emerging technologies supported through Remarkable’s programs.

For more information see the CPToys website or talk to your therapist.