Man in wheelchair wearing blue pants, blue shirt, red scarf and hat. On blue background with halo of illustrations.

Crunching numbers by day, cheering his team by night

Zell is a lifelong CPA client, and an icon at that. He’s known around town as the finance guru by day and footy fanatic by night.

Zell has Dysarthria, a condition that compromises his ability to control the muscles during speech. However, with the support of his team, particularly Nicola and Kristie Anne, Zell is able to communicate with ease, improvising with his iPhone or iPad when needed.

Zell doesn’t let his condition stop him from being the number one socialite in the CPA community, wooing everyone who passes him with his cheeky contagious grin.

What a lot of people may not know behind all of the autographed Sydney Swan’s and Kings merchandise, is Zell’s soft interior, one that particularly shines when he’s planning a date night for his girlfriend Sheila. They love to go on a shopping spree and a romantic sunset stroll.

Although being unapologetically social, Zell’s busy schedule makes him almost impossible to catch and if you do, you’ll usually find him in the members box, watching Buddy Franklin kick his 1000th goal or crunching numbers in the CPA finance team.

It’s been a particular goal of Zell’s to free up his agenda so he can spend more time picking up flowers for Sheila, visiting his family, shopping, and with his mates cheering on his footy team. With the help of his House Manager Linda, Zell’s dreams have been made a reality.

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