Christmas looks magical for Anastasia – thanks to assistive tech

This is two-year-old Anastasia. A bright girl who learns quickly and loves to play.

When Anastasia was born, there was nothing to suggest that something might be wrong. Unfortunately, she didn’t meet expected milestones and, at one year old, Anastasia was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Anastasia has level five bilateral dyskinetic cerebral palsy, which affects her whole body and limits her movement, posture, communication and learning.

One thing that children with severe CP like Anastasia often miss out on is play. They can’t easily play with other children or with standard toys and games. This can be isolating and impacts their physical, mental and emotional development.

Last Christmas, unable to sit up on her own, Anastasia could only watch as her brother ran around and played with his new toys.

But this Christmas is a different story – because thanks to assistive technology, Anastasia will be able to play.

Working with the therapy team at CPA Nowra, Anastasia and her family are currently trialling a range of equipment, including an eye-gaze device for communication and a ‘Wizzy bug’ powered chair, which Anastasia controls by pressing switches located on her headrest.

Anastasia’s holidays will be brightened by the use of switch toys – providing her with the opportunity to fully engage in play, have fun, improve her movement, learn vital developmental skills, and communicate with her family.

Switch toys are a transformational technology that allow children with CP to use whatever voluntary control they have to play, communicate, increase their mobility, develop vital neural pathways, gain more independence and participate in life.

Thanks to advances in technology, this clever toddler will break barriers and live life to her fullest – head here to support kids like Anastasia to access life-changing tech this Christmas