A group of young boys playing soccer

Casting call for sporty kids with disabilities aged 12-14

Casting agent, Chicken and Chips, are casting children with disabilities aged 12-14, creating a media activation for grassroots kids sports at Allianz Stadium, to showcase Allianz’s partnership with the Olympics and Paralympics ahead of the Paris Games 2024.

There is a massive drop off in community sports when young girls and boys reach the age of 13. That’s why Allianz will utilise the power of stadium to inspire a new generation of Olympians and Paralympians to continue to play sports!


There are two events that the agent is looking to cast for: 


1.     Monday 24th June – looking for sports players/athletes between the ages of 12 – 14 years (of all abilities) to be cast for a 4-hour shoot in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. The featured kids will be paid $500 for their participation in the Media Activation. This will include some PR/media interviews mostly conducted over email on and around these dates. We will work to their availability.

2.     Tuesday 9th July -A likely second day our talent may be required – another $500 for their participation, where there would be a few different sports teams/athletes from other parts of Sydney as well. It should be a really fun day giving all the kids a BIG stadium experience. We’ll show young athletes/soccer players what it feels like to hear an epic roar of a crowd (pre-recorded) – the sound of 45,000 from strategically placed speakers around the stadium, when they walk onto the field or every time a goal is scored etc. We’ll capture these beautiful moments in film, showing the kids reacting joyously, proud and inspired. This content will be shared with news media as well as live on the Allianz website and on socials.

If you’re interested please email casting@chickenandchips.com.au