Three different photos of Aidyn. With his brother, climbing at the park and swimming.

A lot can happen in one year: An update on Aidyn

Last month we caught up with Aidyn’s mum, Young, to find out how he and his family have been getting on over the last year. It’s safe to say, this little boy has been taking some pretty big steps!


Q1. What has Aidyn been up to over the last year?

Young: He started school in January 22. It was huge step for all of us, but he’s really loving it. His teachers are great and his therapists also visit every fortnight.


Q2. Aidyn has an older sister, Kira. How different was his first year at school for you as a parent compared with Kira’s first year?

Young: Aidyn’s non-verbal so we can’t find out from him how his day has been. As a parent that’s a really difficult situation because you always worry a bit.


Q3. How has Aidyn changed over the last 12 months?

Young: We’re really starting to see his cheeky personality coming through. He loves being right in the middle of everything. As his fine motor skills are improving, he’s started enjoying playing catch with his sister. He also loves arts and crafts – although, that’s a strictly outdoor activity considering how messy it can get!


Q4. How is Aidyn’s relationship with his sister?

Young: It’s so funny to see how their relationship has changed as they’ve both got older. Aidyn used to just say ‘Yes’ to anything Kira said, but now he’s a lot cheekier with her. As parents we’re also aware we need to balance our time between them, so Kira doesn’t feel that Aidyn is getting all of our attention.


Q5. What goals are you working towards with Aidyn?

Young: Communication is a big focus for us at the moment. We don’t expect that he’s going to be able to talk fluently, but any technology we can use to help support his communication will give him increasing independence as he gets older. We’re really excited to see the progress he’ll make!