Goal directed training

Young boy standing in race runner smiling to camera

Helping you achieve goals that matter to you Working towards a goal that is important to you – whether that is learning how to pack your school bag or riding a bike – makes therapy more fun, engaging and effective. Goal Directed Training (GDT) is Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s therapy approach to improving daily life independence […]

Let’s Eat

three young adults cooking

Let’s Eat is an occupational therapy cooking program held in the Spring school holidays. The face to face group program is designed to teach participants how to safely and independently make simple and tasty meals. Our occupational therapists will demonstrate how participants can cook using their current abilities, introduce new skills on task modification and […]

Therapy, Health and Wellbeing

Young girl in a floral dress and red headband standing next to her therapist who is sitting on the ground, throwing something up in the air and catching it

We help clients to stay healthy and well through therapy and sport Therapy plays an important role Therapy helps to improve movement, mobility and communication. While early intervention therapy can improve outcomes for children, it’s also important to improve your health and wellbeing at every stage of your life. The therapy services we offer include […]

Equipment Clinics

Sophie walking though the reception

Trial new wheelchairs, walkers, seats, standing frames and more – all in the one place on the same day. Equipment suppliers are on hand on set days throughout the year to show you a range of equipment: Manual and powered wheelchairs Walking frames Standing frames Commode or shower chairs The services includes A one-to-one pre-clinic […]

Assistive Technology

Little girl with blonde pigtails sitting on the ground with her legs outstretched wearing leg brace devices on her lower legs, surrounded by toys

Assistive technology (AT) means products, equipment, and systems that support people with a disability to take part in everyday life. The right AT can empower and transform lives. Access to the right support to help you choose AT is important to ensure that it meets your needs. Our therapists can help you choose AT to […]

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

Young male with a support on the laptop

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES), is designed to support young people in their final year of school and those that have left school, to make a successful transition from school to employment. Explore your post school options with CPA CPA’s School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) offering includes a wide choice of options to help young […]

Life Skills Coaching

Two young adult smiling at each other while one typing on the laptop

Do you have a road map for your future? Our life skills coaches will support you to identify your needs, set goals and plan the way ahead. Life Skills Coaching is a service for 18-30 years to create and implement a life plan for education, self development and career. We’ll support the skill and personal […]

Sports Programs

A group of young kids taking part in a sports program

Participating in sporting activities is a great way to make friends, learn new skills, get fit and challenge yourself. Choose from sports played at a fun and recreational level, right through to an elite Paralympic level, with enthusiastic coaches who will be with you all the way.  There is a sports program for all ages and […]

Going to School

We’ll be there to support your child right through their school years. Access the right advice to help them succeed and participate in everything that school life has to offer. One-on-one support or group programs available, including: School readiness and specialist groups to help your child develop the skills they need at school Information and […]

Exercise Physiology

Optimum health and wellbeing is key to achieving the best version of yourself. Our fully accredited Exercise Physiologists work with children, teenagers and adults to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Our fully accessible facilities in Allambie Heights, Erina, Canberra, Kingswood, Penshurst, Prairiewood and Ryde have been specifically designed to cater for people with cerebral […]