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Make and keep friends in a supportive environment

Boccia - Sydney Singles

Mon 16 Dec 2019

The Sydney Singles is a fantastic competition for any experienced or new Boccia athlete, providing the opportunity to prepare for your next tournament.

Healthy Kids

Mon 16 Dec 2019

A fun and engaging after school activity that will help your child develop the skills for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Learn to Swim

Mon 16 Dec 2019

Get confidence in the water whether you are 5 or 18 years

Life Lab - Cooking

Mon 16 Dec 2019

Boost your cooking skills and increase independence

Life Lab - Fitness

Mon 16 Dec 2019

Improve your fitness and develop your social skills

MS Movement & Mobility

Mon 16 Dec 2019

Train your both your mind and body with CPA's MS Movement & Mobility class.

Race Running

Mon 16 Dec 2019

Exciting activity from Europe which has just been included in Para athletics! 

Independent living skills camp for young people aged 18-22 years

Fingal Bay NSW