What’s on

Wed 1 Dec 2021

Learn a new skill and train your body and your brain at the same time

Exciting activity from Europe which has just been included in Para athletics! 

Allambie Heights Campus | Ryde Centre | Waterloo Park, Waterloo Road, Marsfield NSW

Train your both your mind and body with CPA's MS Movement & Mobility class.

The Sydney Singles is a fantastic competition for any experienced or new Boccia athlete, providing the opportunity to prepare for your next tournament.

Active Adults Hydro
Thu 2 Dec 2021

Strengthen your body and confidence in our fully accessible hydrotherapy pool 

Active Youth Hydro
Thu 2 Dec 2021

Get fit, meet new friends and have fun with this hydrotherapy group

Multi Sports
Thu 2 Dec 2021

Learn and develop new sports skills, make friends and have fun in an engaging group setting

Kingswood Centre | Prairiewood Marconi Centre | Morris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre, Belmore Road North, Riverwood NSW