Therapy services pricing

Therapy Services pricing includes both the delivery of the face-to-face session and the work undertaken to support the delivery of that session. This could include co-ordination and sourcing of technology and equipment, obtaining quotes, liaising with relevant parties, writing reports, documenting assessment outcomes, developing resources, and collaborating with key stakeholders to support your goals.

CPA’s Therapy Services are billed at the NDIS hourly rate of $193.99. We ensure transparency in our charges and all activities will be directly related to the goals our clients aim to achieve. We do not charge for back of house administrative costs such as intake, rostering or submitting claims.

Indirect Pricing

Indirect time (also known as non-face-to-face) is any work that a therapist completes for a client before or after their in-person appointments. This work is an important part of our therapy services, to ensure that we are providing holistic, quality services that support our clients to achieve their goals, as well as to meet medico-legal guidelines. Charges for indirect work are outlined in our service agreements.

Session preparation and notes

To get the best outcomes for your appointment and service there is a standard 15 minutes indirect activity on top of every face to face or telepractice appointment to provide essential preparation, planning & notes for each appointment.

Examples of additional indirect charges

The indirect activities outlined below will be charged in addition to the session preparation and notes charge where applicable:

  • We take time to plan your service based on gathering the right information, spending time interpreting your assessment results, and completing targeted research so we can support you to meet your individual goals. 
  • There may be times that your clinicians need to discuss your plan to ensure the service best supports your needs.
  • Collaborating directly with you allows us to plan therapy services together, discuss and review current goals and progress. This may include phone calls, video calls or email.
  • There may be times when we collaborate with others to ensure the key people in a client’s life are working together to deliver client outcomes.  These may include other therapy providers, medical teams, schools, support workers, day program, accommodation services, Coordinators of Support, and the NDIA. We can do this via phone & email.
  • These are reports that are required by the NDIA for clinicians to complete and submit throughout your NDIS plan. These are to support you to get the plan you need. Examples include AT Application & Service Review Reports.
  • This also includes time that your clinicians may take in developing and reviewing your safety and health plans. These plans assist to ensure you are supported safely. Safety and health plans include mealtime management plans, manual handling and transfer plans, behaviour support plans and reports.
  • If you require your clinician to provide a report or letter that is not required by the NDIA and is within our scope we are also able to do this at your request. This may be letters to schools, medical teams or other therapy providers etc.
  • If you require resources to be created for use at home, school or in the community to support therapy activities we can do this activity. This may include visual schedules, home practice programs, and programming of communication devices. 

Last updated 24/07/2024