Behaviour, emotions and coping

Sometimes teenagers go through hard periods in life

Some may find it hard to make friends, keep up with schoolwork or have experienced bullying. These things can become overwhelming and lead to stress, anxiety or depression. These challenges can influence behaviour. A person may feel frustrated but have an inability to communicate. They may experience pain or discomfort but can’t tell anyone. They may feel uncertain when their routine or environment change without warning. Understanding the reasons why behaviour occurs can help prevent that behaviour from reoccurring.

Positive behaviour support may help teenagers who are experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties, or mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression. That way you can find the right approaches to manage what you are experiencing. It is good to learn healthy ways to deal with these challenges, you can ask for help from someone you trust. This could be your doctor, teacher, school counsellor, close friend or family member. The important thing is to let someone know how you are feeling.

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How we can help

What we help with
  • Assistive technology for behaviour
  • Behaviour therapy
  • Building social and emotional skills
  • Positive behaviour support
  • Sports and Recreation
Who can help

Our trained and dedicated staff are experts in supporting teenagers and their families.

You can work with our:  

  • Assistive technology experts 
  • Occupational therapists  
  • Physiotherapists  
  • Speech pathologists 
  • Sports development team
How we can help

We offer a blended model of services to meet the individual needs of teenagers and their families. 

Appointments may be arranged: 

  • At your local centre; 
  • In your home; 
  • In your local community 
  • Or camps, outings and intensives
  • Or via Telepractice 

Small group session may be recommended. Groups can be attended in person or via Telepractice. 


Funding supports

If you have a funding package from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we can work with you to maximise the benefits.

You can purchase supports using your:

  • Capacity Building budget 
    • Improved Daily Living (15)
    • Increased social and community participation (9)
    • Improved relationships (11)

  • Capital Supports budget  
    • Assistive Technology (5)

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