Learning to communicate starts even before birth.

A developing baby learns to distinguish sounds, tones, and voices and learns to respond to what is happening around them. During the early years of life, babies form connections with others which are foundational skills for communication. As the baby grows, they learn to listen, understand, use gestures and facial expressions. They learn to make sounds, develop words and eventually to say short phrases.

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How we can help

What we help with
  • Forming responsive communication between babies and caregivers, e.g. learning to understand the baby’s cues  
  • Learning to produce clearer speech
  • Understanding and using words and language to communicate
  • Encouraging use of gesture and Key Word Sign (KWS) to support speech and language development, e.g. routinely using and learning new KWS
  • Getting started with visual supports and assistive technology for communication
  • Creating environments that are conducive for learning to communicate, e.g. understand and respond to the child’s attempts to communicate, modelling and expanding the child’s communication, reading books together and “talking” together, even if the child can’t speak yet
Who can help

Our trained and dedicated staff are experts in supporting communication for babies and their families.

You can work with our:  

  • Assistive technology experts 
  • Speech pathologists  
How we can help

We offer a blended model of service delivery and programs are tailored to your needs. This means our services can be delivered in a range of different ways, to meet the needs of babies and their families.

Appointments may be arranged: 

  • At your local centre; 
  • In your home; 
  • In your local community 
  • Or via Telepractice 
Funding supports

If you have a funding package from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we can work with you to maximise the benefits.

You can purchase supports using your: 

  • Capacity Building budget 
    • Improved Daily Living (15)

  • CPA Babies at Risk Program: A free short-term service provided by CPA, to children under 2 years of age, who have been given a diagnosis of at risk of Cerebral Palsy. The program is funded through fundraising and aims to assist families in accessing NDIS funding. This service is in place until a NDIS plan is approved. Please contact CPA for information on what services are provided under this short-term program.

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