Pauline is a Speech Pathologist, known as the Speech Whisperer

Pauline is a Speech Pathologist, known as the Speech Whisperer
Posted on Mon 30 Jan 2023

Pauline is a Speech Pathologist, known for her ability to think differently when it comes to helping her clients achieve their communication goals. 

Pauline isn’t just a Speech Pathologist, she’s a communication engineer who makes the unexpected a reality, empowering and supporting children and adults to reach key milestones that were once viewed as impossible. With access to the latest evidence-based interventions, Cerebral Palsy Alliance has helped her become more of a Speech Whisperer, giving voices to her clients and their families. 

Pauline’s services extend beyond her role as a therapist, she caters her practice to supporting the entire family, ensuring they receive the right care unique to their needs. It’s things like advocating for her client, navigating their NDIS options and providing access to additional services and support that truly sets Pauline apart. 

For Pauline it’s the small moments that make her proud to be a Speech Pathologist at CPA. Hearing Rachel communicate through eye gaze technology, listening to Mary sing her ABCs or simply seeing that smile on Johnny’s face after their weekly sessions are the most valuable moments. 

“The most rewarding aspect of working at CPA is being able to help our clients, getting that feeling of seeing them reach their milestones and seeing the smiles on their faces. It’s the little things like that, that some of the families weren’t expecting.” 

As part of a multi-disciplinary team at Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Pauline is just part of the choir that gives her clients and their families a voice. 

“From therapists to non-therapy staff, to our clients, everybody has their role and plays their part. We collaborate well and thrive together, everyone’s an unsung hero.” 

Pauline’s approach to therapy and intervention is guided heavily by her client’s strengths and capabilities. Incorporating activities and therapies that caters to their unique goals and lets them leave each session feeling that little bit more empowered, confident, independent and ready to make the impossible, possible. 

This is the magic that can happen when 

Great minds think differently!

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