On the edge of brilliance

On the edge of brilliance
Posted on Mon 22 Nov 2021

Written by Hannah Diviney, author, activist and client of CPA. She writes a regular column for CPA exploring her journey with cerebral palsy and activism – you can read the first blog post here.


Wow, it’s November. A month or so before Christmas – my favourite time of the year. Where did it all go? I guess we spent three months of it in lockdown, so maybe that’s why my brain is tripping over the calendar – it still feels like we should be in July or something! Anyway, I hope you’re all enjoying our slow return to normal and the tentative hope, that maybe, just maybe, the worst is behind us.

It’s been a weirdly wonderful time for me – you might’ve noticed I didn’t share a column with you in October? That’s because I was racing toward the finish line of my university degree, a double in Arts & International Studies if anyone was wondering. Four years of  my life that unfolded in ways I never could’ve predicted.  From that very first day being left on the train and watching my stop roll by, there was no one there to get the ramp out so I could cross the platform’s gap, all the way to finishing my last assignment alone in my room, the grand climax of everything I’d worked towards, finished by the shutting of my laptop.

After two years, I will only ever go back to campus again, to throw my cap in the air. That’s  not something I saw coming, back when things shut down for those first weeks in March last year. If I had known what was to come that last ordinary day laughing with my friends over our lunch, I’d have willed time to slow down for just a little while. Give us a few more minutes to linger, to take in the sunshine, to share a hug and to plan for the days we thought were just around the corner. Taken the last bus home. Danced till my feet hurt.

This is a strange time to be stepping into a new future. We’ve all been so much through these last two years. Unable to see beyond the horizon, only a handful of weeks at a time. Now we’re standing in a place where it looks like we might finally be able to start dreaming again. But what does that look like? As someone who’s spent the last seventeen years (I went straight from high school to university) dutifully following structured education formula, I have no idea. I’ve spent so long doing what I was supposed to, that I’m not used to this freedom. Opportunity. Variety. Choice. Power. Control And oh my gosh, it’s all so deeply liberating. Terrifying too, let’s be honest, but exciting.

Now I can fully lean into all the parts of myself that I’ve been building quietly in the background. Stepping more fully into my role as a disability advocate. Making sure that Krazy Kosci Klimb is the best event it can be, for all of the people who have decided to join our little family.  Building Missing Perspectives into the empire I know women and girls around the world are hungry for it to be. Shaping the world of our Disabled Disney Princess so that the minute Disney gives us the green light, she’s ready to go. Turning all the words that live in my head into pages bound between two covers with my name on the front. But also to do a bunch of stuff I don’t know about yet. Try new things. Feel the sun on my face so I look less like a vampire. The possibilities are endless.

I don’t know what life will look like a year from now. A week from now. All I know is that I’m on the edge of something pretty bold and brilliant, if I play my cards right. So on that note, I will see you in December. I’ve got some adventuring to do. xxx

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Saturday, 3rd December marks one of the biggest days in the disability community’s calendar, International Day of People with Disability. This year's theme celebrates how innovation has supported more inclusive lives - something we at CPA champion every day!

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