‘Boost Our City’ grant helps Ella get through COVID

‘Boost Our City’ grant helps Ella get through COVID
Posted on Mon 22 Feb 2021

Nine-year-old Ella was diagnosed with diplegic cerebral palsy after failing to reach her milestones as a baby.  

Her diplegia affects the mobility in her legs and causes tightness in her hip and leg muscles.  

The diagnosis was unexpected and her parents were uncertain of what to do next. She began therapy at Cerebral Palsy Alliance at 12 months old.  

She currently sees a Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist, who help her work towards her goals around greater independence. She uses AFOs, orthotics and a wheelchair. She recently had two operations on her hips, further impacting her mobility.  

But Ella is just like every other child her age. She goes to mainstream school. She loves swimming, drawing, following YouTuber Rebecca Zamolo, hanging out with her older brother Finn and playing Among Us.  

The COVID-19 pandemic was difficult for Ella and her family. She missed out on face-to-face therapy, and without the hands-on support, her progress stalled and she lost motivation.  

The Telepractice Support Kit, funded by the City of Newcastle’s Boost Our City grant, helped her get through it. Using the tablet, she video-called her therapists and tried new challenges such as learning to jump and run.  

Without the tablet, she would not have received crucial therapy for three to four months. Thanks to the City of Newcastle, Ella was able to keep moving towards her goals. 

Her parents are confident for her future. They hope that she will maintain her progress and continue to try new things.  

CPA received $26,157 through City of Newcastle’s Boost Our City grants, supporting organisations to assist the people of Newcastle during the COVID crisis.

With this, we were able to provide 21 tablets – five to individuals so they could continue to access therapy, and sixteen to our group homes across Newcastle, enabling our most vulnerable members of the community to stay connected during lockdown.  

Saturday, 3rd December marks one of the biggest days in the disability community’s calendar, International Day of People with Disability. This year's theme celebrates how innovation has supported more inclusive lives - something we at CPA champion every day!

Thank you for your continued support this year. Here are some highlights of what we have achieved together, and information on our holiday season closure and reopen dates for 2022/23.

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