Marge’s story: how fitness builds independence

Marge's story: how fitness builds independence
Posted on Thu 9 Jul 2020

Uni student Marge has CP and is working with CPA exercise physiologist Russell to improve her independence and ability to balance and support herself.

A pivotal moment for Marge's determination to improve her fitness was when she fell in the middle of the road while out alone and was unable to get up. From that moment Marge's mum, Ramonita made it a priority to work with Russell towards the goal of Marge being able to get up from the floor unassisted. 

Russell is also helping Marge to get up and down the stairs, as there are lots of stairs at uni campus and also at home. Russell has been delivering sessions via Telepractice during COVID and has modified the exercise to suit the home environment.  They've been worked towards the same goals at home and Marge is now able to get up from the floor by herself without assistance, which has built her confidence and independence. 

Russell, Marge and her mum Ramonita are thrilled with how well Telepractice is going and with Marge's progress, Marge loves the convenience and flexibility, and thinks it's a good option to continue with, in combination with in-person sessions, when Marge is busy at uni. 

"You still get that one on one time with your EP, it feels more personal," says Marge of the Telepractice sessions. 


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