Olivia Walsh

Olivia Walsh
Position: Exercise Physiologist

I love my Job because:

We have the ability to make such a big impact on an individual’s life and I am forever grateful to ever be given the opportunity to contribute to their growth and support them on the journey towards their goals. I try to really immerse myself into each client as an individual, listening and learning from their experiences, and get to know what they enjoy so we can have fun in the process of working hard in the gym! It is so rewarding seeing the growth in confidence and tackling new tasks they never thought were achievable. Movement can really be the best medicine!

I can help you with …

Exercise Physiologists use evidence-based practice to formulate exercise interventions targeted to an individual’s needs and goals. We can assist children, teenagers and adults in the prevention and management of a range chronic conditions, injuries and those living with a disability. Based on an individuals needs, some common goals targeted through exercise may include; building or maintaining muscular strength, cardiovascular capacity, mobility, balance and coordination. Exercise physiology services provide many more benefits than the obvious physical benefits. Regular physical activity can assist in improving emotional and mental health as well as social integration with many group sessions that are offered. Our aim is to enhance self-efficacy in daily tasks and promote long-term exercise adherence to improve an individual’s quality of life.