Jordon Egan

Jordon Egan
Position: Speech Pathologist

What is your background, experience, qualifications?

  • I graduated From CSU Albury in 2012 with a Bachelor of Health Science Speech Pathology. I am from and live in the central west with strong family and community ties. I don’t see myself working anywhere but the country. I love the people and the lifestyle and i can understand the need and barriers we face being rural. I have previously worked with ADHC in Dubbo before moving to the United Kingdom to work with adult clients with acquired brain injuries. I then briefly worked in Health with adult clients, private practice with children with developmental delays and on to a Non-Government Organisation in Nowra with children with disabilities.

What’s something special you bring to CPA?

  • I bring my life upbringing in a rural community, international experiences and my diverse clinical background and flexibility servicing adults and children with a range of abilities.

Why did you want to work at CPA?

  • I started my career at Cerebral Palsy Alliance in February 2018. I wanted to work with Cerebral Palsy Alliance as they are a large and well known organisation with many therapists and professional development support. I find that there is a massive gap with graduates not having experiences in disability. I want to inspire therapists to work in this field as it is so rewarding and no day is the same. I like to challenge myself and continually learn and grow.

What are your areas of expertise (check out existing bios on the website for help here)?

  • I enjoy working with clients requiring speech generating devices to support them to communicate. I provide the assessment and device/software trials needed whether it be for eye gaze or direct access, working closely with Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. I use switches a lot also for people who are learning the concept of intentional communication. I provide a lot of options in terms of low tech Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC), whether it be a social story, visual schedule or a communication chat book. I enjoy working with individuals with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, intellectual disability, delays and genetic conditions. Additionally I love working with neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s disease where i have specialist training in LSVT loud to improve the function of one’s speech quality. No goal is too big or small.