Airlie Galvin

Airlie Galvin
Position: Senior Clinician – Physiotherapist

Airlie graduated from The University of Sydney in 2002, initially working at Prince of Wales hospital for three years covering a range of clinical areas including intensive care, orthopaedics, acute neurology, stroke unit, cardiac rehabilitation, aged care and paediatrics.  In 2005 she moved to the the UK, where she worked as a paediatric physiotherapist in the National Health Service (NHS), working with young babies on the neonatal unit, neurology, respiratory and orthopaedic care, as well as supporting paediatric outpatient services with a broad range of presentations. 

In 2008, upon returning to Australia, Airlie joined the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, initially working as a physiotherapist in the Ryde – LifePoints team, before moving into the role of consultant physiotherapist for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, which included providing clinical support to the physios across the state.  In 2013 Airlie then joined the Penshurst – LifePoints team as the site manager, before her most recent move at the beginning of 2019, joining the Wollongong – LifePoints team, back in her much loved role as a physiotherapist.  

In 2010 Airlie completed the basic training for the Prechtl Assessment of General movements and then in 2012 completed her qualifications as an advanced trained assessor in this same assessment.  This training, as well as Airlie’s experience and passion for supporting young babies, has allowed her to support new infants at risk of cerebral palsy to commence early intervention in a more timely manner, in those crucial young years of brain development and plasticity.

As well as working with young infants, Airlie’s special interests include; goal-directed therapy to increase independence in daily functional mobility skills, post-surgical support following multi-level surgery, lower limb casting to assist with managing muscle length issues, gait re-training, strength training and assistive technology such as provision of mobility aides such as walkers and standing frames.