Sophie Marmont

Sophie Marmont
Position: Youth and Life Skills Coach

In 1999, Sophie joined Cerebral Palsy Alliance as Recreation Coordinator. Fresh out of the University of New England with a Bachelor of Arts, she was determined to support people living with disability.

Sophie was fortunate to grow up near CPA’s office at Allambie Heights and experience the difference that supportive staff and therapists can make to life of a person with disability. Fast forward a couple of decades and Sophie is now integral to our youth team, supporting programs such as Workshops. These offer a group-learning environment that encourages independence and imparts life skills such as money management, cooking and social skills.

She's at her happiest when she's able to open up a client's mind to new ways of doing things by using her own experience as someone living with a disability.

Sophie loves witnessing the personal growth in confidence and social skills of young adults with a disability. She also enjoys celebrating small achievements – "sometimes you don't know someone has progressed until they are in a situation where they ask a question they wouldn't have considered before, or they achieve something they didn't think was possible".