Elaine Kwok

Elaine Kwok
Position: Physiotherapist

Elaine joined Cerebral Palsy Alliance in 2004 and has specialised in early identification and intervention. In 2010, she studied Prechtl's Method of the Qualitative Assessment of General Movements. Then in 2016, she undertook the advanced training that enables her to identify absent or abnormal general movements in young infants – these movements are highly predictive of cerebral palsy by about three months of age.

With early identification, Elaine can plan early interventions that can potentially lead to better outcomes. But whatever the client’s age, Elaine works with their families and carers to achieve the goals they set.

One of Elaine’s favourite examples of a client achieving a goal involved a two-year-old boy with a complex disability. Elaine prescribed a walking frame and worked with him to improve his mobility skills. 

Soon he was using his walking frame to go to the local park and beach – an outing where his parents previously had to carry him. His parents were pleased he could make his own way but there was one downside – the walker allowed their son to become so independently mobile he was inclined to wander off, just as other toddlers do.