Heidi Giansante

Heidi Giansante
Position: Client Service Consultant

Helping families to find their way through the NDIS is what Heidi enjoys most about her work.

Heidi joined Cerebral Palsy Alliance in 2006. While she always endeavoured to listen to parents with a compassionate ear, her ability to empathise increased after the birth of her son, who was diagnosed with autism disorder spectrum several years ago.

That experience gave Heidi a true understanding of how parents feel when they come to CPA. It taught her to approach difficult conversations with families with a great deal of sensitivity. Heidi listens carefully to make sure she gets an accurate picture of the needs of each and every client, and their family.

Heidi prides herself on being able to approach every person with a disability as an individual with his or her own unique needs and desires, hopes and dreams. She is also proud to work with therapist colleagues who are committed to ensuring each client is supported to live their best possible life.