Anne Bettinzoli

Anne  Bettinzoli
Position: Administration Assistant/Scheduler

Anne is full of admiration for the health care professionals she works with because she sees how much they are able to improve the lives of people who have a disability and the lives of their families.

After spending most of her career working in primary schools, Anne was prompted to take a position at Cerebral Palsy Alliance because she knows what can be achieved. For around 20 years, she has witnessed how a caring disability support provider has enriched the life of her nephew, and she wants to assist in the same way. 

Highlights of Anne’s role include getting to know the children and young people who attend the East Maitland centre, and helping build interpersonal relationships with clients and their families. She gets a special kick out of organising equipment trials or deliveries. There is always a special smile on the face of a client when they try new equipment, such as a new wheelchair or walker. When Anne sees that smile she knows how much that new equipment will enhance someone’s quality of life.