David Earle

David  Earle
Position: Speech Pathologist

During his career, David has worked for Education Queensland in mainstream classrooms and in specialist units with children who have a range of complex disabilities, including hearing impairments. He has also worked for a disability organisation focussed on children and teenagers with complex needs including autism, in palliative and aged care in people’s homes, and in residential aged-care facilities. This has given him a wealth of experience and understanding.

In particular, it has taught him the importance of being empathetic to the needs, stresses and circumstances of a family, and communicating clearly with them. His time working in palliative care was especially helpful because he learnt to truly focus on a client’s quality of life throughout their whole life. As a result he endeavours to serve and support his clients in all he does.

Since David joined Cerebral Palsy Alliance in 2011 he has used his professional skills in meeting a broad range of clients’ needs, including in the areas of augmentative and assistive communication systems and technologies to help non-verbal clients to communicate.

He has also specialised in complex mealtime management supports, and communication skills development in people with a range of physical and neurological disabilities. In recent years, he has broadened his clinical and professional skills in the emerging field of tele-health (or video-health) therapy services.

Since the introduction of the NDIS, David has been offering families support to navigate the system. He understands that it can be a stressful and complex process. He aims to ensure that clients and their families receive the best possible plan and are able to maximise the use of their NDIS dollar.