Anna Bech

Anna Bech
Position: Senior Speech Pathologist

Inspired by a young school friend’s positive experience with a speech pathologist, Anna decided it was the career for her. After graduating with a Bachelor Applied Science in Speech Pathology in 1998, Anna worked in the disability sector as a speech pathologist in Australia and the UK.

When she returned to Australia in 2003 she joined Cerebral Palsy Alliance, firstly working as part of the rural outreach team. In 2006, she joined the TASC team, specialising in technology and in 2017 she moved to the LifePoints Allambie team.

Anna works with a range of clients of differing disabilities and ages. But always her focus is to find them a “voice” or a way to communicate through technology.

One of the recent highlights  has been to assist a three-year-old girl with Retts Syndrome who was only able to communicate using facial expression and sounds. Anna supported her parents to access assistive technology that allows the girl to use her eyes to communicate. Anna feels proud every time the girl tells her what she wants to play in a session.

In a similar way, Anna set up a communication device for a young adult so he could turn on his TV, send a text message, email his friends and present to a room of strangers using the device.

Technology may have increased access to ways people with disabilities can communicate but the power of her profession remains the same for Anna – she has a passion for assisting children and adults to communicate with their family and friends and participate independently in their communities.